Indo-German Business Talk: Indo-German Digital Cooperation

Indo-German digital cooperation has made significant progress, with increased interest from EU businesses to invest in India and the digital entreprenuership mindset of many Indians. Continuous efforts are underway to align regulatory frameworks and explore areas such as digital governance and interoperability. However, there are challenges that remain, including topics of data protection, regulating emerging … Read more

3rd Annual Conference held in Hyderabad

Our 3rd Annual Conference took place on 13 October 2023. It’s overarching topic was manufacturing under the theme „Rethinking Manufacturing in India and Germany: Technology and Innovation for Sustainable Growth“. Bringing the Annual Conference to India It was a first for us: after two instalments that we ran at Frankfurt School in Germany, we now … Read more

Indo-German Business Talk: Approaches to International Security

The nexus between international security and business is not as far-fetched as one may think. How our global order, international relations and conflict develop and emerge is crucial for business leaders to understand how to operate and succeed in their chosen environments. This narrative becomes clearer and clearer with events such as the global pandemic, … Read more

Indo-German Business Talk: Education and Economic Migration

Education plays a vital role in the economic development and migration of recipient and sender countries. The former being a country that attracts talented individuals from foreign countries and the latter being countries that have a significant percentage of their population moving overseas. The International Organisation for Migration’s 2022 World Migration Report states that ‘with … Read more

Indo-German Business Talk: Climate Resilient Food Systems

Navigating the climate crisis requires addressing various influencing factors; notably how climate variability remains a significant driver of food security in some countries and regions, as reported by the World Bank in their Food Security Update. Addressing and tackling this issue remains a prominent topic on global agendas and policymaking decisions. How can we ensure … Read more

Indo-German Business Talk: Digital Transformation and Healthcare

The use of digital technologies in healthcare services and research is not new; however, with the rise of emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence, we are seeing a new wave of digital transformation and how these smart technologies can further prospects within healthcare provision and research. Especially after the pandemic, digital tools have shown us … Read more

Indo-German Centre Celebrates the International Year of Millets

2023 has been recognised by the United Nations’ Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO) as the ‘International Year of Millets’ (in German, Hirse). Known as a climate resilient and nutritious grain, millets are grown and sold globally and have a historical significance in our kitchens and the way crops are farmed. This is especially true with … Read more

Annual Conference 2023

Our Annual Conference is taking place on 13 October 2023 at Mahindra University, Hyderabad. Find out more here: Main Page: Agenda:

Indo-German Business Talk: Indo-German Relations in 2023

As the year comes to an end, our last Webinar of the year will look at what has developed in Indo-German relations in 2023 and the hurdles to be overcome. Topics such as India’s role as G20 host, and the increased dialogue between our two countries, will be explored; as well as predictions for 2024 … Read more

Indo-German Business Talk: Indo-German Digital Cooperation

The next instalment of our online Webinar series ‘Indo-German Business Talk’ will investigate the potential, and obstacles faced, of digital cooperation between India and Germany. The Webinar will take place on Zoom on 25 October from 11.00 CEST (14:30 IST) and last approximately one hour. IGC Deputy Chairman, Dr. Matthias Catón, will moderate the discussion … Read more