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Indo-German Business Talk: Textiles and the Circular Economy

The first Indo-German Business Talk of 2024 took place on 31 January 2024, where three expert panellists analysed the nexus between textile consumption and production and advancing the circular economy. The textile industry has long-faced scrutiny for its detrimental environmental and social impact, with practices in “fast” fashion and “fast” production often criticised for their…

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Connecting SMEs and the Mittelstand through legal cooperation

On 27 January, the Indo-German Centre co-hosted the Consulate General of India, Frankfurt and Indo-German Association for Legal Cooperation (IGAL) for a session showcasing how Indian SMEs and German Mittelstand companies complement one another. The primary speakers at the event were: Christian Hirte (Member of German Bundestag & Head of IGAL), Nalin Kohli (Advocate Supreme…

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Indo-German Business Talk: Indo-German Relations in 2023

To round up the year of insightful, monthly Webinars for our Indo-German Business Talk series, the November installment, our last of 2023, looked back on Indo-German relations in 2023 and insights for 2024. This year, we saw significant milestones in the Indo-German, and wider Indo-European, partnership in economic, political and social topics. On 29 November,…

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Indo-German Business Talk: Indo-German Digital Cooperation

Indo-German digital cooperation has made significant progress, with increased interest from EU businesses to invest in India and the digital entreprenuership mindset of many Indians. Continuous efforts are underway to align regulatory frameworks and explore areas such as digital governance and interoperability. However, there are challenges that remain, including topics of data protection, regulating emerging…

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