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Indo-German Business Talk: Indo-German Digital Cooperation

Indo-German digital cooperation has made significant progress, with increased interest from EU businesses to invest in India and the digital entreprenuership mindset of many Indians. Continuous efforts are underway to align regulatory frameworks and explore areas such as digital governance and interoperability. However, there are challenges that remain, including topics of data protection, regulating emerging…

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3rd Annual Conference held in Hyderabad

Our 3rd Annual Conference took place on 13 October 2023. It’s overarching topic was manufacturing under the theme „Rethinking Manufacturing in India and Germany: Technology and Innovation for Sustainable Growth“. Bringing the Annual Conference to India It was a first for us: after two instalments that we ran at Frankfurt School in Germany, we now…

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Indo-German Business Talk: Approaches to International Security

The nexus between international security and business is not as far-fetched as one may think. How our global order, international relations and conflict develop and emerge is crucial for business leaders to understand how to operate and succeed in their chosen environments. This narrative becomes clearer and clearer with events such as the global pandemic,…

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Think20: Advising the Leaders of the G20

Late last year, when India took over the presidency of the G20 group of nations, I had the honor of being appointed Co-Chair of one of the Think20 task forces, namely the one dealing with Purpose & Performance: Reassessing the Global Financial Order. Matthias Catón speaking at the T20 Summit in Mysore T20, or Think20,…

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