About the Centre

The Indo-German Centre for Business Excellence (IGC) is a think tank, research centre, and network that connects people and organizations interested in business relations between India and Germany. As an academic institution, it is independent and impartial but always close to the real world. It was founded in 2021 at Frankfurt School of Finance & Management and is a registered association under German law (“eingetragener Verein”) with non-profit tax status. The daily business of the Centre is run by the Managing Board.


We foster a deeper understanding and more robust business ties between Germany and India. We support and engage in research, community-building, student mobility, and leadership development. As an academic institution associated with one of Germany’s leading Business Schools, we are a nonpartisan partner of our members.


Germany and India are the largest stable democracies in Europe and Asia. We believe in the value of free trade and intellectual exchange between these two like-minded countries. The Indo-German Centre for Business Excellence aims to become the preeminent nonpartisan academic institution dealing with Indo-German business relations.