Connecting SMEs and the Mittelstand through legal cooperation

On 27 January, the Indo-German Centre co-hosted the Consulate General of India, Frankfurt and Indo-German Association for Legal Cooperation (IGAL) for a session showcasing how Indian SMEs and German Mittelstand companies complement one another.

The primary speakers at the event were: Christian Hirte (Member of German Bundestag & Head of IGAL), Nalin Kohli (Advocate Supreme Court of India and Co-Chair Board of Directors, IGAL), and B. S. Mubarak (Consul General of India, Frankfurt). Legal representatives, political personalities and business leaders participated in the event and exchanged knowledge and ideas on how to further bridge trade ties and people-to-people connections.

The three speakers and audience discussed the overarching theme of deepening economic ties and Indo-German relations; and one key theme consistently rose: building trust.

Despite their differences, India and Germany have demonstrated the strength of their current and potential cooperation. Here, Christian Hirte, emphasised the importance of providing guidance to our middle-sized companies to enable them to make informed decisions and explore their possibilities. B. S. Mubarak highlighted the importance of trust through people-to-people connection; especially during a time of geopolitical uncertainty where we are more cautious of our supply chains, analysing risk and sometimes faced with unpredictable situations.

India and Germany may have its differences, whether that’s in population size or cultural factors, but the current stand (and potential) of further collaboration remains strong and promising. Christian Hirte emphasised the importance of providing guidance to our middle-sized companies so that they are equipped with informed decisions and the possibilities for them in either country. Nalin Kohli further discussed the developments India has made, such as digitalisation or education, and the exciting aura within the country and its willingness to extend this outwards.

With these thoughts, we are proud to have co-hosted this event and demonstrate the importance of platforms such as IGAL and the Indo-German Centre, in bringing people together to stimulate connections and build bridges.

If you are interested in co-hosting your event with us, please do not hesitate to contact us.