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Business Diplomacy Today addresses contemporary international relations and geopolitics, looking at the issues from a business perspective. It helps business leaders anticipate changing political and societal trends, build and leverage political networks and take a proactive stake in societal and political matters that influence their business environment.

Episode #009: Corporate Strategies for Emerging Markets

In this episode, Matthias Catón speaks with Talal Rafi, Senior Global Management Consultant at Deloitte and a Deloitte Global Economist Network member. The discussion investigates how markets, notably emerging markets, can navigate the current economic climate when developing corporate strategies.

Talal highlights the importance of supply-chain diversification through different lenses, how democracy can influence investment choices, and the transformation of economies during sustainability. Matthias and Talal map these theoretical concepts to the infamous India-China choice. Talal shares his expertise on Sri Lanka, the strategically-located country, the reasons for its recent distress, and its untapped potential.