Business Diplomacy Today Podcast

Business Diplomacy Today addresses contemporary international relations and geopolitics, looking at the issues from a business perspective. It helps business leaders anticipate changing political and societal trends, build and leverage political networks and take a proactive stake in societal and political matters that influence their business environment.

Episode #008: Geoeconomics in the investment industry

Hosted by Matthias Catón, today’s episode is in discussion with Joachim Klement, Head of Strategy, Accounting, and Sustainability at Liberum. We often hear about geopolitics, economics, and our globalized world. In this episode, Joachim introduces us further to geoeconomics. The discussion analyses changes in business models (notably since the pandemic) and the relationship between geopolitical risks and decision-making processes for companies of various sizes and natures.

Matthias and Joachim empirically take this discussion on a national and individual level and further discuss country examples when looking into paths to diversification. In the context of geopolitical risk, Joachim and Matthias discuss the differences between “preparation” and “forecasting” and the qualitative side of forecasting, a concept primarily seen as a quantitative measure.

Joachim interestingly provides his future predictions through three lenses: his “base-case”, pessimistic, and optimistic scenarios.